• Stainless
  • Carbon Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Cast Iron
  • ​CNC Plasma
  • ​Powder Coating
  • Millwrights
Our Services
  1. Aluminum Fabrication
    Customizing and repairing pontoons, lifts, docks, railing, trailers & sea walls with most fabrication done on site or at our location.
  2. Agricultural Equipment
    Plows, disks, grain bins, corn dryers, conveyors & feeders, aluminum field sprayers, combines, hitches, loader buckets & root rakes.
  3. Health & Food Services
    Fabricate install or repair custom stainless counter tops, tables, stainless & aluminum food service equipment, custom food grade castor supplier all only using food grade material and tools to complete the project.
  4. Industrial Maintenance
    Repair & perform maintenance on fuel tanks, valve replacement, mechanical weld repair, equipment & structural steel, process piping, custom cat walks, stair treading and railing. Scheduling and implementing industrial shut down for yearly maintenance for minimal down time of production.
  5. Dairy Piping & Equipment
    Service and installation bulk tanks, stainless pipe, holding tanks, pumps & pipeline milking manifolds only using food grade stainless material to meet our customers sanitary necessities.
  6. Security Gates, Ladders, Rails
    Our driveway gates are exceptionally unique, featuring life like plasma cut designs of your choice. Our gates, ladders and railing we create are handcrafted to precise specifications and built either using carbon steel, aluminum or stainless steel.
  7. Heavy Equipment
    Custom fabricated tool boxes, structural, logging equipment. dock ramps, dock door repairs and fabrication completed at your location with minimal down time to get our customer back on the road
  8. CNC Cutting & Design
    CNC cutting custom metal fire rings, custom cut art décor, specially designed tool boxes, small to medium production, and specially design items all to precise specifications and built only using the best materials available.
  9. Vessels & Piping
    We provide fabrication and intallations for process piping, steam & condensate, tank installation, custom fabricated mezzanines, rigging, vessels and manifolds all only using the highest grade material to complete the project to our customer specifications.